About Polly


My name is Polly and I apologize ahead of time for any inappropriate or untoward words that may come out of my gob and offend. But let’s face it… life can be awfully hard, and sometimes one needs to unload one’s thoughts on paper, or just out into the ether. So here are my suggestions for a better life:

  1. Always tell people you love them. Even the shitty ones who don’t tell you back. They’ve got their own set of shitty problems, more than likely bigger than yours!
  2. Always be true to yourself, even if it means getting a punch in the teeth every now and then
  3. Try your hardest to be kind, ESPECIALLY to the ones who you think have fewer brain cells than you (they need a little kindness the most)
  4. Be courageous. Not in a Tarzan way, but in a “grab your balls in both hands and hope for the best” kind of way
  5. Challenge yourself and don’t be a pussy. Don’t spend your time with stuff that is dull and boring, otherwise, you will become dull and boring along with it. A bit like a dishrag. Functional but completely uninteresting
  6. Say some naughty things to lighten someone’s day or even your own for that matter
  7. Have faith in yourself AND THE UNIVERSE! She will always look after you
  8. Be a dick. Too much seriousness is for losers
  9. Don’t sweat the lumps in your porridge. And remember, we don’t know anything about anything. If you think about the shit you don’t know, it will blow your tiny mind. Life is here to make us LEARN… So, eyes front please! Stress is the number one killer of almost everything.
  10. And finally… wait for it… you think it’s going to be something profound don’t you… well it’s not, it’s simple… DON’T BE A VICTIM. YOU make your life. So, live with pride. Choose not to follow others like a blind idiot. Choose to stick to your guns if you believe you are morally right. Choose to be authentic. Choose to be uniquely you and don’t apologize for it. Choose to say yes to life!